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Graphic Novels
Hollow pass-times die hard with age (Extract from the Book of macabre tales).jpg
Darker Shadows: Science-fiction/Dystopian horror

A full-coloured seventy-six-page-long illustrated narrative, its genre is set as dystopian fantasy and sci-fi horror. It was an attempt to create something that captures the imagination and uses storytelling to send a message but is also entertaining to the audience. 


A key focus of the work was a consideration of how people can resist oppression. In layering this dialogue within a story and setting it in the future I could potentially give some a wider perspective and exaggerated similarities to our struggles. By exploring these subjects, I wanted to create a narrative that uses fiction to discuss these themes within the dialogue by creating a wider perspective on different viewpoints and awareness, synopsis below.


It is the year 2389 and the world is controlled by the Renaixu, a race of reptile-like creatures that took control in the 21st century using genetic hybrids. The Kutar were bred for strength and their fighting skills but now the wars against humanity are over most are without purpose and wander the streets destitute and angry, looking for labouring work. The Varium was bred for intelligence and academia but because of the link in evolution, it has made their organs the most valuable to harvest. In this time few know the truth about the past, all information is censored, and histories were rewritten, water is the most valuable commodity, never has there been such a scarcity. The world is held by tender threads that are about to snap. Behind closed doors two factions plot to resolve these problems and bring their version of peace and order to the world.


The Hood Paradox:
Science-fiction adaptation of the famous tale of Grimm. 

When the wolves of the future fear reprisals from the ancestors of Red Riding Hood they must find a way to survive. Outnumbered but not without their cunning, they attempt to find a way to stop the Hooded faction's wrath that bears upon them before it even began, many years ago… graphic novel based on the Red Riding Hood. 36 pages

The dog that helped!

A short rhyming children's illustrated story of a boy that was sick in bed when he's pet dog came to cheer him up. Based on the theme of pet therapy it is aimed at informing parents as well as being and enjoyable poem.
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