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Customer satisfaction is my aim, delivering good communication throughout the project I will work with you to deliver the required imagery.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone for any queries, most projects are aimed to be completed efficiently and to a high standard with allowance for small edits. Listed prices are in GBP and can be converted.


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Project or commission size

A4, A3, A2

A4, A3, A2

The canvas size is chosen

by the client

Smaller thumbnail illustrations to full page spreads or posters/ infographics


Advertisement, graphic design, and promotional illustration


Depends on size, medium and project scope


Most projects require 3 – 6 months turn around

Turnaround/ Estimate for time

1- day including delivery time

2 - 3 days including delivery time

3 – 5 days including delivery time


1 – 3 days





1 – 3 days




2 – 3 days



Please see below for more details

Price (negotiable for projects over 3 days)

15 – 25 – 45

65 – 140 - 210

Small 150 – Large 485 depending on the size requested




Commissioned project

Art print

Pen and ink commission

Oil painting on canvas

Editorials (Non-consumer and publications)

Editorials (Customer)


Book covers/ LP covers

Full book illustration’s

Stage 1: Project brief and Scope conversation

The estimated cost for a full-time book illustration project for 3-6 months is 3750 – 7500.

The production deadline is worked out on a projected benchmark plan agreed upon by all parties.

Stage 2: Contract agreement

Licensing cost depends on the terms of the contract for the usage, area, and length of the rights to the artwork.

Payment #1 20%

Stage3: Concept Art/ Character Developments

  1. Colour palate, style, medium, look, texture

  2. Characters, penciled or rough sketches, style look, poses, expressions, colours

Stage 4: Rough Sketches

  1. Thumbnails or rough page sketches – characters, compositions, perspectives, story flow etc.


Stage 5: Final Rough with Layout, text, and cover design

  1. Clean sketches

  2. Text Layout

  3. Pagination

  4. Title page and dedication page

  5. Cover design


Stage 6: 1st Colour

  1. See illustrations in colour

  2. Full page look with text, colour and layout

  3. Cover design, full colour and full text

Payment #2 35%


Stage 7: Final Images

  1. Final images – full colour, all details

  2. Final text edits

Payment #3 35%


Stage 6: Final delivery

  1. Every delivered and uploaded properly

Final payment #4 10%


Work in progress & recent projects

It snows in Hedge End

It snows in Hedge End

A secondary design currently in development uses more than one of my characters to create an action-packed scene that creates a fun scenario that will draw the audience into the image.

Santa's overhead

Santa's overhead

Using the reference of a Swiss village tucked between the mountains to create a classic scene with a little bit of a magical gloss. Using attention to detail to create a charming and beautiful image.

Happy Christmas from Hedgehog

Happy Christmas from Hedgehog

A self-styled Christmas card design using the Hedgehog character design from my animation project ‘The Hedge Ends’. My intention was to keep the composition simple to focus on the character’s movement within the image whilst keeping the background soft so that the viewer is not overwhelmed by information.

Working with nature reportage

Working with nature reportage

I was asked to do a little reportage of a live performance by @shanewaltener & @laura_s_glaser for the @craftspace_ exhibition this was a live performance by them which represents how we can work with nature to create balance. It was a couple of weeks back unfortunately but a new exhibition will be set up soon.

A Christmas gift for my aunt from Japan based on ‘The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa’ by Hokus

A Christmas gift for my aunt from Japan based on ‘The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa’ by Hokus

It has been altered to depict how my uncle and she met amidst the chaos of life and found each other. Do you have an interesting story of how you found your love one.

Cat portrait commissioned by Rhian O’Connor for a gift

Cat portrait commissioned by Rhian O’Connor for a gift

Using a dark contrasting colour palette was essential for this commission to suit the gift receiver’s current décor. It was important that the owner’s cat is accurately represented yet done in a way that gives a unique look. Although the background could be seen to be conflicting, I see it as adding a story to the image, something that I enjoy doing with most of my illustrations.

Logo design concepts

Logo design concepts

This was a recent non-paid voluntary project that was unfortunately aborted, yet there was some success and merit in spending the time creating this range of different designs. The company used data analysis to reduce child labour and equality from third-world suppliers by using various systems. The challenge was that there could be no imagery of children used and it had to also include an aspect of the current logo.

Logo design concepts

Logo design concepts

Further variants for the same project using more typography within the concepts

What We Offer

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