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Having studied mainly illustration before attempting my M.A. it was a substantial learning curve to develop the essential knowledge. The choice for an animation master was out of a keen desire to work as a storyboard and pre-production artist. I have had a lot of experience in my master’s project in creating visual sequences. Finding that I enjoyed research just as much as I enjoyed sketching out my designs. This also gave me the opportunity to practice different industry standard digital drawing software.

I made a 2D animatic based on my own concept which has taught me a lot about linking scenes and the pre-production work that goes into films. My biggest interest is idea development and sequential illustrations which I combined with my passion for nature, it was a way to explore visually communicating an environmental issue. These gave me a greater understanding of using a range of drawing software as well as using editing the animation in Adobe After Effects.

To the left is a rough animated show reel 

Working with a small group of science graduates we created a charming and educational interface that won over the judges. It demonstrated an enjoyable teaching prototype interaction to visualise certain DNA mitochondrial data sets to the crew members of the Mary Rose ancestral heritage.
The Royal Archer, Mary Rose DNA topography finder  #history  #science  #dna  #animation

The Royal Archer, Mary Rose DNA topography finder #history #science #dna #animation

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