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A passionate artist greatly inspired by historical, ethical, or environmental issues. I have found great joy in discovering how culture visually describes them to us. I once felt that furthering myself academically was beyond me and spent many years as a gardener enjoying outdoor work. However, taking a Master of Arts degree has helped me learn more about myself and how the autistic mind functions.

Previously to this, I had completed a bachelor’s degree in illustration. During my study, I have created a couple of graphic novels as well as produced a short rough animation that focused on communicating environmental issues. My work often uses a bold and expressive drawing style that creates a strong and clear message within the image. Illustration has become a primary focus of my life and I now aim to push my career forward as Illustrator and artist and am keen to start working in the industry.

I spend most of my time either creating or thinking about how I am creating and for
what purpose. My background study and flexible nature allow me to come up with
concepts and help me find solutions to problems where others might struggle.
Keeping the client's demographics in mind is key to creating the best imagery. As
an experienced painter and drawer I can utilize both digital and traditional skills to
produce a finished product.

Great joy is taken in narrative and historical-based subject matter. Finding the best
way to visually describe a theme or illustrate stories are key processes I have
mastered. This allows me to develop strong illustrations for a variety of genres. This
is due to understanding the research and development of finding

the optimum way of communicating a topic or theme to the audience.

Loyalty and hardworking ethics are among the most valued attributes I can offer
to my employer. Once I become involved with an illustrative project or piece of art,
I become very focused on achieving the best result by exploring

I spent a long time in my early years painting natural landscapes and wildlife,
but now I love creating engaging content whether it be factually based or for
fictional entertainment. I like to spend my weekend designing stories and small
personal animation projects occasionally satirizing a political or historical event.
I have a keen interest in storytelling and films. Creating my own stories and
comics became a very rewarding use of time. I find one of the most enjoyable
aspects of art is that you can bring fiction to life using imagery and it also fulfils
a desire to produce my own narratives and entertain people.

"Growing has always been part of the job whether its in the garden landscaping

or in the studio growing art"


2021 to 2022 The University of Portsmouth:
Master of Arts in Animation with Merit

• Successfully conceptualised & created a full colour 2D animatic that aims at
visually communicating an environmental issue.

2018 to 2021 The University of Portsmouth:
Illustration BA with Honours 2.1

• Produced a completely an original full coloured graphic novel. This was written and
illustrated over 76 pages for my self-directed project. Worked consistently with the
latest Adobe software to create and edit imagery, particularly familar with Photoshop
and InDesign.

2006 to 2009 Writtle College – National Diploma in Horticulture
Lvl 3 (Merit Merit Distinction)

• This taught useful skills based on designing gardens and colour schemes when
picking plants and materials. My final year’s garden design was selected out of the
class as the yearly competition winner to be constructed.

Freelance Artist/ Illustrator 2021 to date
Editorial, book illustration and private commission based practice.
Self-published science-fiction/fantasy comics

  • Volunteer invigilator at The Minories gallery in Colchester - Nov,22 to date

  • National Maritime Museum design competition winner

Working with a small group of science graduates we created a charming and 

educational interface that won over the judges. It demonstrated an enjoyable teaching

prototype interaction to visualise certain DNA mitochondrial data sets to the crew

members of the Mary Rose ancestral heritage. - June 2022

  • Wild City UK - Community Art Exhibition - July 2022

  • Hopes and Homes for Children Charity fundraiser imagery - April 2022

  • Hampshire Toy Fairs – Comic-Cons 14th August 2021, Halloween Con - Oct 2021

  • Website Test Analyst, Fairfield Testing Services Limited, Oct 2018 – 2019

  • Landscaper, Millstone Landscapes, Chichester April 2018 – Oct 2022

  • M.A. with Merit,

  • B.A. with Honours

Further achievements

•Accepted onto the membership waiting list at Cuckoo Farm Studios
•Featured on the Autistic Eye Gallery -
•Master of Arts scholarship degree in Animation with Merit
•Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration with Honours
•Mary Rose Hackathon winner - Link to demo
•LinkedIn Adobe Photoshop Badge



Most extensive projects  

THE HEDGE ENDS - M.A. Animation project

Short five-minute full-colour animatic/rough animation

The story begins with a small group of animals going about their lives until the arrival of the construction machines. Their habitat is destroyed but this leads them on even greater adventures and perils as they search for a new home. I am making a short animatic to show this first part, although it is still a work in progress. Some of the scenes are still just in the linework phase and I’m just starting to work through the scenes to get consistency. I base a lot of subject matter on ethical and political issues and try to turn them into something beautiful. I think it is important to not just show the happy moments but also the tragic ones.


DARKER SHADOWS - B.A. Illustration final year project

Science fiction horror, dystopian graphic novel

I was trying to create something that captures the imagination and uses a narrative to send a message but is also entertaining to the audience.  A key focus of the work was a consideration of how people can resist oppression. In layering this dialogue within a story and setting it in the future I could potentially give some a wider perspective and exaggerated similarities to our struggles. By exploring these subjects, I wanted to create a narrative that uses fiction to discuss these themes within the dialogue by creating a wider perspective on different viewpoints and awareness. 


My project started as a more factual piece based on oppressive governments and the crimes committed against populations. The piece slowly evolved into dystopian fantasy and sci-fi horror. The final outcome – a graphic novel - captures the imagination and uses symbolism, satire and metaphors to make a philosophical or political statement. A key focus of the work is a consideration of how people can resist oppression. In layering this dialogue within a story and setting it in the future I could potentially give some a wider perspective and exaggerated similarities to our own struggles for social justice. By exploring these subjects, I want to create a narrative that uses fiction in a way that discusses these themes within the dialogue by creating a wider perspective on different viewpoints and awareness of the importance for human solidarity against corruption and oppression.

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